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Canada Price Samples

Including shipping we are still the best value.

It makes us sad that Canada is so far away and the cost is high to ship our papers to you.

While we are working hard to reduce shipping rates as much as possible, many of our Canadian customers find that the final value is still less than local prices, even after shipping.

Consider the Final Cost

Examples of final prices of products, including shipping to Canada*.
Website prices are normally listed in USD.

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Retangolo Pocket Invitation C$ 1.14 Shop Now
Perfetto Pocket Invitations C$ 1.14 Shop Now
Vertico Pocket Invitations C$ 1.14 Shop Now
Panel Pockets C$ 0.90 Shop Now
Petal Folds C$ 0.90 Shop Now
Panel Cards C$ 0.60 Shop Now
Euro Flap A7 Envelopes C$ 0.58 Shop Now

*Based on order of 100 Items and Shipping to Winnipeg Canada excluding Customs Fees (see below)

Up Front Customs Fees

Cards & Pockets is dedicated to offering its customers the fastest and lowest cost delivery to Canada! Know your final order cost up front.

All imports to Canada are eligible for customs fees, which are normally due upon arrival to your door. These customs fees are broken down as the following:

  • Taxes: GST, HST, PST tax rates depend on the province.
  • Duties: None! Cards & Pockets USA made products qualify for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and avoid any duty fees.
  • Fees: Other misc. custom fees are reduced by Cards & Pockets paying at the time of your shipment. These savings are passed on to you!

Is there a slower shipping method that can save you money? The answer is "no." This program has been arranged with UPS, along with the absolute lowest rates possible, above all other couriers. We've found UPS to be the lowest cost and best service available to deliver to our Canada customers.

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