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About Us

Who we are

We are a manufacturer, printer & distributor of what we humbly consider to be some of the finest stationery in the world. We serve the Wedding Invitation, stationery, gift, packaging and promotional industries. We offer customizable designs, full service, kitting, white-labeling and dropshipping/fulfillment services. Our customers range from brides & one-time small event customers to small busineses and large corporations, creating perfectly uniqe pieces for all uses & occasions.

Why we exist

Our founder's purpose and passion is to serve our customers with everything we have been given—with our unique gifts & talents, with humility, with excellence, and in a way that honors Christ. We strive to do this by creating and offering some of the finest stationery products and specialized printing/finishing services available in today's market, while caring for our customers uniquely & individually.

We love to innovate alongside our customers to make their dreams come true, to encourage them to let their imaginations run wild, and to work together to bring their stationery ideas and visions to life.


With 20 years of experience in the die-cutting, laser-cutting and print-making industry paired with one of the largest selections of customizable, specialty paper options available, along with what we humbly consider to be the finest envelopes in all the land--our team of dreamers, innovators and artisans are up to the challenge of whatever you bring our way.


We love working together every day to come up with new ideas and new ways to serve our customers, and we are grateful that you--our customers--give us the opportunity to do so. 

We hope we get the opportunity to hear about your project, your dream, your packaging, your event or small business and to come alongside you to create something unique!

What we are great at

Customer service.

We truly care about making your vision come to life and walking you through each step to make sure you are confident with your purchase and getting what you need.

Making you happy.

If you aren't happy, we aren't either. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we will always do everything within our ability to give our customers the best experience and product possible. If on the rare occasion we don't, our desire is to make things right and leave you more than satisfied.

Why our print shop & print team is awesome



We do not use robots or ai or cookie-cutter prepress software. We use human eyes to preview every file you send us, making sure they are sized correctly for the products you order, and making adjustments when necessary to ensure your files will print perfectly. Edge-to-edge printing (called "Bleed" artwork) requires extra special setup, and we take care of this for you too.


Believe it or not, 90% of the files we receive need some sort of adjustments to get them press-ready, and we offer this file-checking & editing service at no extra cost. In most cases you won't even know we fixed something. We only reach out to request additional information or formatting fees if tweaking your sizing or bleeds will take longer than the standard 5-10 minutes, or if we are not able to edit them because of an unsupported file format, low image resolution or other complications that make edits impossible.


Our pre-press team truly cares about your finished product, and may even reach out offering to adjust your artwork, borders, or other elements in a way that may improve or balance your overall design, offering suggestions along the way.




Our Print Operators are experts at knowing how your unique designs will print best and make adjustments to printers, color codes and paper profiles depending on the image type, ink coverage, ink colors and paper you have selected. They take pride in every print that comes through the press and have mastered how to get the best results on over 120 specialty paper stocks.

Acrylic prints are handled with extra care, and each blank is carefully inspected for scratches or scuffs, and polished with microfiber before printing to remove any dust or particles that could cause chipping or skipping during the print process.




Last but not least, our finshing & quality team put the finishing touches on your print job, precisely measuring (not once but twice), cutting and inspecting your final pieces to ensure your files printed perfectly, were cut perfectly and are ready to get into your hands.

Why people love our envelopes

Cards & Pockets envelopes have been a favorite of calligraphers and lettering artists all around the world for quite some time now. We have heard people raving about how much they love the look, quality and performance of our envelopes over the years and with good reason. It has always been important to us that the materials and shapes we use to produce our stationery products are thoughtful and unique. We designed the original shape of our European Flap envelopes to be refined and distinct, appealing to anyone and everyone who gets the opportunity to hold one in their hands or embellish one with ink.

Beautiful envelopes begin with beautiful papers, and our papers are sourced from the finest and most historic mills--primarily in Europe. We are extremely selective when it comes to our paper offering, which is why our envelopes are heavier in weight/thickness than most. We work closely with our local envelope manufacturers while also supplementing with our own short-run envelopes in house, giving us the unique ability to carefully monitor and perfect our product every step of the manufacturing process.

Our Hospitality Promise

When you work with Cards & Pockets you will find a passionate team of people who are here to work alongside you to make your project perfect. One of our core values--hospitality--is at the core of everything we do. We want you to feel at home when you are browsing our site, working with our friendly customer service team or tackling your challenging projects with us. Our desire is to make your stationery dreams come true and for you to feel comfortable and confident in the process.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


to inspire others to create without limits whether for everyday projects or life's biggest events


to cultivate a community of innovative, purpose-driven people who bring hospitality & creativity to their neighbors 

core values






Our Founding Principles & Statement of Faith

Cards & Pockets was founded in 2004 with the understanding that this company was a gift from the Lord, and it was our honor to submit it to Him and steward it well. The Lord has been faithful to us as we reach nearly 20 years of business. He has taken us through many deserts and valleys, but has always proved true to His Word and His sweet promises. "For I know the plans I have for you—" thus sayeth the Lord — "plans to prosper you and not to harm you—plans to give you a hope and a future." —Jeremiah 29:11

A note from Becky, Founder & Co-Owner:

My one aim is for Jesus—His saving grace, His sweetness, gentleness and love— to be at the center of all we do at C&P. His goodness and grace towards me in my own life compels me to pour out my service to Him in leading this company, and to serve and love on our employees and customers with everything I have for as long as He will have me. We care for you. My husband and I and our team pray for you regularly. We aim to represent Christ and to point you to Him & His love in every interaction & in every transaction. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity.


Cards & Pockets is a C12 company. Once a month Becky meets with other Christian CEOs to learn best business practices and leadership training to continue to run a business with a purpose.